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The Take2 Prophecy test is available in Taiwan to:

  • Screen early NPC patients from asymptomatic and general healthy population
  • Assist to detect NPC at its early stage or at the submucosal layer together with traditional methods.

Who should have the test?

  • Men or women who live in the Taiwan1
  • Men aged over 40 are at higher risk than other population groups (Women and younger adults are also at risk of NPC. The risks to them are not negligible)2
  • Smoking1
  • Having a diet rich in salt-cured fish and meats1
  • Frequent exposure to other carcinogens1
  • Family history of NPC (with 4-8 times higher risk)3
  • Infection with Epstein-Barr virus1
  • Work under conditions rich in formaldehyde (a chemical known as a health hazard)4


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Test tube with DNA image