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Bioinformatics workflow infographic

We offer a variety of NGS data analysis and consultation

With next generation sequencing (NGS) becomes faster and cheaper, bioinformatics plays an important role for NGS data analysis. Yourgene Bioinformatics team developed various NGS analysis services including Genome Sequencing, Transcriptome Sequencing, Epigenome Sequencing and Metagenome Sequencing. We also provide bioinformatics courses (Nangang branch, Taiwan), NGS consulting and customized NGS analysis services.

Contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more detailed information of our next generation sequencing data consultation services.

Bioinformatics analysis services

Genome Sequencing
Whole-Genome Sequencing
Whole-Exome Sequencing
De Novo Sequencing
Targeted Sequencing


Transcriptome Sequencing
mRNA Sequencing
Small RNA Sequencing
RNA De Novo Sequencing
Long non-coding RNA Sequencing 


Metagenome Sequencing
16S rRNA Sequencing

NGS Consulting
Experiment Design
Bioinformatics Solutions
Library Construction


Bioinformatics Courses
Bioinformatics Analysis Solutions
NGS Data Analysis