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The Yourgene SP150 (Tecan)

Automated liquid handling for sample transfers, DNA extraction and NGS library preparation for the IONA NX workflow (including quantification, normalisation and sample pooling). End-to-end barcode traceability from source tube to plates


Optimised for performance & accuracy with PCR set up, library preparation and cherry picking utility. Primarily used in 96-well and 384-well plate based applications, will full traceability and deck temperature control.


Customised DNA/RNA extraction, quantification and normalisation workflows tailored by our technology teams for high-quality, scale and a streamlined service provision.


Automated purification of DNA and RNA from Qiagen kits from a wide range of samples, with automatic transfer of eluates.

Hamilton & The Yourgene SP150 Perkin Elmer Sciclone NGS Qiagen Qiasymphony