COVID-19 testing for your workplace

With everyone wanting to get back to work, there is a need to ensure this is done as safely as possible. Testing of the workforce for infection with COVID-19 will help to ensure the health and safety of all employees returning to work. Testing will help get people back to work and keep them back in work.

Yourgene Health have collaborated with Caxton and immunity passport app Prova to provide a managed COVID-19 testing for the workplace to find those people who are currently infected with COVID-19.

The managed service provides complete end-to-end testing at the workplace and uses Yourgene Health’s Clarigene™ SARS-CoV-2 test at its Manchester based COVID-19 testing laboratory. This swab test is a PCR based COVID-19 assay and detects the virus’ genetic material from a swab of the patient’s throat and nose. Results are available within 24-36 hours via the Prova app.

Majority testing positive have no symptoms

The majority of individuals testing positive for COVID-19 have no symptoms. Only 22% of people testing positive for Coronavirus reported having symptoms on the day of their test, according to the Office for National Statistics.*

This demonstrates how important testing is in preventing asymptomatic individuals from spreading COVID-19 further in your workplace.

So how does it work?

COVID-19 testing service process
COVID-19 testing infographic



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