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Sage™ QS 32plex is ideal for clinical laboratories running high throughput NIPT.

Providing laboratories with enhanced flexibility, scalability and sequencing efficiencies, while retaining all the high qualities of the existing Sage™ test.

Sage™ QS 32plex offers a flexible, personalised, cost-effective workflow.

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Key Features

  • Innovative technology for fetal fraction enrichment

The Yourgene QS250 allows high-throughput target enrichment of cfDNA NGS library constructs prior to sequencing, enabling great improvements in fetal fraction enrichment. In addition to gel size selection, it also allows fragment analysis and solution-based fluorescence quantification assays with a single piece of equipment.

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  • NGS workflow

Sage™ 32plex runs on the Thermo Fisher Ion Torrent sequencing technology. Sage™ QS32 plex solution significantly improves efficiency, enabling up to 32 samples to be processed in one sequencing chip. However, the workflow is scalable and flexible with automated or manual options, robust prenatal screening software.

  • Clinical coverage

The Sage™ prenatal screen offers screening on a wider range of clinical conditions, including trisomy 21, trisomy 18 and trisomy 13, sex chromosome aneuploidies.

  • Rapid, automated prenatal screening software

Sage™ Link, a custom built cloud-based bioinformatics portal, recently enhanced with additional features and an improved user-friendly interface.  The resulting data is processed so a small data file can be easily, quickly and safely uploaded to Sage™ Link.  No bioinformatician is required to analyse the data, a simple to interpret screening test report is generated for each patient sample.

  • World class technical support

Our international technical support team is well regarded by our laboratory customers. Feedback is exemplary that they provide excellent and detailed training programmes, pre and post installation support, hand-holding and ongoing support once up and running.

The Sage™ QS 32plex brochure is available to download here

How to order Sage™ QS 32plex

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