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Simple and robust analysis of clinically relevant mutations (80-90% sensitivity depending on region)

Includes mutations relevant in the investigation of male factor infertility

Expertly balances clinical utility and ease of use

Compatible with a range of capabilities and instrumentation

Bundle with YGH MFI Kit for complete male factor infertility investigation

Focus on clinical utility

Since the discovery of the CFTR gene in 1989, more than 1900 mutations and variants have been described as causative for cystic fibrosis (CF). Many of these mutations are ‘private’, having been described only in one patient and/or family. Routine testing for all possible mutations is neither feasible nor cost effective and is therefore confined to testing for the most common mutations.

CF-EU2 is the only commercially available pan- European CF testing kit designed specifically to address the most common mutations found across populations of European origin. Alongside this assay, Yourgene Health offer a number of population-specific bolt-on panels, as well as bespoke offerings for national programs. The assay is designed with all clinically relevant diagnostic scenarios in mind, including newborn screening and male factor infertility testing.

The CF-EU2 assay identifies 50 mutations in total, and also analyses the intron 8 polyT tract with accurate measurement of the adjacent TG repeat. The polyT tract at the junction of intron 8 and exon 9 influences transcription. Specifically, the number of thymidine residues (5T, 7T or 9T) affects the splicing efficiency of exon 9. If the 5T allele is present, a proportion of exon 9 transcripts will be absent resulting in non-functional protein and variable CF symptoms. It is reported that the number of TG repeats upstream of the polythymidine tract can also influence splicing of exon 9. If present on the same allele as the 5T variant (cis) the larger the number of TG repeats, the higher the proportion of CFTR transcripts will lack exon 9. The CF range is unique amongst commercially available assays in its ability to accurately identify the number of TG repeats in addition to polyT status.


Flexibility and simplicity from sample to report

The CF range is compatible with most commonly employed DNA extraction protocols, thermal cyclers and capillary electrophoresis instruments. This flexibility in approach is complemented by simple and easy to use analysis software for reporting. Results can be analysed through either Life Technologies GeneMapper or SoftGenetics GeneMarker software.

One PCR Illustration


  • Two tube analysis
  • Tube A: mutation detection and polyT status
  • Tube B: wildtype detection
  • Simple PCR set-up
  • Reduced hands on time
One Analysis Illustration

One Analysis

  • No post-PCR manipulation
  • Compatible with ABI 3*** and SeqStudio Genetic Analysers
  • Highly multiplexed 5 dye chemistry
  • Rapid Analysis
One Report Illustration

One Report

  • GeneMarker®  and GeneMapper™ software applications
  • Easy data review and analysis
  • Informative single page reporting
  • No data transfer required

View Mutations detected by CF-EU2v1

Mutations detected by CF-EU2v1





































621+1G>T G542X Q890X 3905insT
711+1G>T S549N 3120+1G>A W1282X
L206W S549R (T>G) 3272-26A>G N1303K
1078delT G551D Intron 8 polyT (5T/7T/9T)  TGn


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Ordering Information

Kit NameDescriptionPlatformCatalogue Code


Detects the 50 most common mutations in the European population.

Genetic Analyser



Detects the 4 most common mutations in the European population.

Genetic Analyser



Detects the 29 most common mutations in the French population.

Gel Based



Detects the 31 mutations outlined by the G-BA for newborn screening in Germany.

Genetic Analyser


CF Italia

Bolt on to CFEU2v1 to increase the mutation coverage for the Italian population.

Genetic Analyser


CF Iberian

Bolt on to CFEU2v1 to increase the mutation coverage for the Iberian population.

Genetic Analyser



Bolt on to CFEU2v1 to increase the mutation coverage for the British population.

Genetic Analyser



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