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Elucigene DPYD assay is a simple genotyping test that can identify patients with DPD deficiency allowing an alternative treatment to be offered

DPYD Genotyping
5-fluorouracil (5-FU) is a chemotherapy agent used to treat a range of cancers including colorectal, head and neck, breast, pancreatic and stomach cancer. 5-FU is metabolized by the dihydropyrimidine dehydrogenase enzyme (DPD) which is encoded by the DPYD gene.

Several variants within DPYD have been described that lead to reduced or abolished DPD activity. Patients with these variants are at an increased risk of severe or fatal 5-FU toxicity. Therefore, implementation of DPD deficiency screening by genotyping will allow a more accurate prediction of toxicity and chemotherapeutic response.

Watch our interview with the founder of 5FU Test Alliance Louise Brown below. 5FU Test Alliance is a patient representative organization founded to promote awareness of the important of DPYD testing. Louise talks about how the lack of DPYD testing affected her father Keith Gadd.  

Now also validated for use with the SeqStudio Genetic Analyser
"I can'y stop until everyone in the UK is entitles to a routine test before they start treatment on this, because no one knows if they have this or not."


Clinical Guidelines

The Clinical Pharmacogenetics Consortium (CPIC) published a new guideline in 2017 for DPYD genotyping and they recommend testing for the 6 SNPs outlined above. The CPIC guidelines also recommend 5-FU dose based on DPYD genotype. For further information, please follow this link.

Allelic VariantrsIDNucleotide ChangeProtein ChangeAllele Function
*2A rs3918290 c.1905+1G>A N/A No Function
*13 rs55886062 c.1679T>G p.I560S No Function
N/A rs67376798 c.2846A>T p.D949V Decreased
HapB3 rs75017182

Key Features

The Elucigene DPYD assay allows for rapid detection of 6 clinically relevant variants in line with current CPIC Guidelines. The two tube assay is easy to set up and involves minimal hands on time. Results review and interpretation is simple with no data transfer required. The rapid 4 hour workflow allows the test to be incorporated into routine cancer care treatment pathways. 

The Elucigene DPYD Illustration
One PCR Illustration


  • One or two tube analysis
  • Tube A: mutation detection and polyT status
  • Tube B: wildtype detection
  • Simple PCR set-up
  • Reduced hands on time
One Analysis Illustration

One Analysis

  • No post-PCR manipulation
  • Compatible with ABI 3*** and SeqStudio Genetic Analysers
  • Highly multiplexed 5 dye chemistry
  • Rapid Analysis
One Report Illustration

One Report

  • GeneMarker®  and GeneMapper™ software applications
  • Easy data review and analysis
  • Informative single page reporting
  • No data transfer required
 Also available as RUO (Research Use Only), This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information.

Ordering Information

Kit NameDescriptionPlatformCatalogue Code

Elucigene DPYD, CE-IVD

DPYD screen testing for *2A, *13, c.2846A>T, HapB3

Genetic Analyser


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