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Introducing the IONA® Nx NIPT Workflow (IONA® Nx), Yourgene’s new innovative NIPT workflow that runs on the Illumina Nextseq 550 Dx platform.

IONA Nx NIPT Workflow stacked

Why is the IONA® Nx different to many other NIPT solutions on the market?:

  • Flexible & Fast: Automated (2 days) and Manual (3 days) workflows available
  • Scalable: low to high volume run capabilities (16 to 48 samples per run)
  • Cost-effective: reduced capital footprint and increased sequencing efficiency
  • Innovative: fetal fraction enrichment step with Yourgene QS250 instrument which increases fetal fraction x2
  • Quality: CE-IVD
  • High performance: >99.99% accurate