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Reduce overall workflow costs and improve patient outcomes

The  LightBench® Detect is Yourgene’s clinical-grade size selection instrument, and offers industry-leading scalability and precision for the DNA size selection process. We’ve worked with our clinical laboratory partners to design an instrument that specifically addresses the needs of liquid biopsy providers, in particular NIPT.

Since cfDNA fragments of fetal origin are typically <150bp in length, size selection using the instrument can enrich for fetal fraction to reduce the number of no-call results or screening failures, improving overall patient outcomes. The LightBench® Detect also leverages patent-pending size-selection technology from Yourgene Health, making it the only instrument that enables laboratories to consider the use of EDTA blood collection tubes (BCTs) instead of Streck BCTs.

Click here to learn more about clinical applications that are already benefiting from using Ranger Technology®. Visit our resources page to learn more about the performance and capabilities of the LightBench® Detect, including an independent assessment from the Centre de recherche du CHU de Québec-Université Laval exploring the use of the instrument to enable use of EDTA BCTs in NIPT. This instrument is also called the QS250 within the IONA® Nx and Sage™ 32 plex workflow.

*Courtesy of Francois Rousseau et al at CHU de Québec - Université Laval, Canada, watch the webinar here.