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Yourgene Health are pleased to offer the following kits for Research Use Only (RUO):

Product CodeKit Name
2022-0010 Yourgene cfDNA Library Prep Kit (576 HT)
CLCV2R96 Clarigene®, Covid-19, 96T, RUO
CLCV2RK Clarigene®, Covid-19, 960T, RUO
AN013RX Elucigene® QST-R13, 10 T, RUO
AN018RX Elucigene® QST-R18, 10 T,RUO
AN021RX Elucigene® QST-R21, 10 T, RUO
AN6XYR1 Elucigene® QST*R-PL, RUO (25 test kit)
AN0XYR2 Elucigene® QST*R-XYv2,  RUO (50 test kit)
AN0PLR2 Elucigene® QST*R-plusv2, RUO (50 test kit)
ANE21RX Elucigene® QST*R-21 Euplex, 10T, RUO
ONDYDR1 Elucigene® DPYD, RUO (25 test kit)
AZFXYR1 Elucigene® Male Factor Infertility, RUO (25 test kit)
CF2EUR2 Elucigene® CF-EU2v1, RUO (50 test kit)
CFIBNR1 Elucigene® CF-Iberian Panel, RUO (25 test kit)