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Yourgene Health is a trusted, ethical and quality driven provider of non-invasive prenatal screening.

Yourgene Health work closely with healthcare providers to ensure that all users of the IONA® test are sufficiently trained to offer the test to pregnant mothers. The complexity of prenatal screening, understanding when it is appropriate to offer the IONA® test and fitting it into the existing care pathway is often not so simple. At Yourgene Health we work in close collaboration with our labs, hospitals and clinics to ensure the IONA® test becomes an integral part of prenatal screening. We can highlight best practice in terms of clinical implementation and the importance of genetic counselling, before and after the test.

Yourgene Health is the only NIPT provider to be accredited with the CPD Standards Office. We offer CPD accredited in-house training sessions enabling attendees to provide evidence towards revalidation. Yourgene Health provide detailed training materials both digitally and in print and facilitate cascade training. This can cover the sample collection, logistics of sample sending, consent and understanding of the generated results. In addition, we organise many international educational symposiums and seminars to educate, inform and raise awareness of non-invasive prenatal screening.

CPD Course PREMAITHA 21459

Responsible Screening