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Powered by Ranger® Technology, the Yourgene® QS250 is optimised for use in Yourgene Health’s NIPT workflows. Enriching for fetal fraction through automated size selection of fragment lengths improves outcomes for NIPT patients by reducing both the cost of analysis, and the number of no-call tests.

The QS250 forms a core component of the following end-to-end workflows:

The Yourgene® QS250 can integrate with automated robotics to provide a fully automated size selection and quality control workflow. As well the core size selection functionality, the instrument can be used to perform fragment length analysis and fluorescence assays for full NGS library integrity assessment and balancing prior to pooling

  • Industry-leading average recovery yield of >70%
  • Independent lane voltage automatically to give a more uniform result
  • 30mm gel results in a distinctive sharp cut-off in size selection for a more precise result
  • >97% reproducibility
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