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The only choice for cost-effective full automation of electrophoretic analysis


Yourgene Health have implemented Ranger® Technology for electrophoresis and size selection to the NIMBUS Select workstation. The NIMBUS Select automates the entire process of electrophoresis for either size selection or fragment length analysis, and is of particular value for high-throughput laboratories.

NIMBUS Select workstation Image

The instrument comes with a 96-channel liquid handling manifold or a 384 manifold for groups looking to increase the throughput of fragment analyses. RFID readers recognise previously used cassettes to determine unused channels that can be accessed for new samples.

  • Up to 96 DNA samples may be processed in two hours, and up to 384 electropherograms may be created in a single run
  • Flexibility in data output for LIMS-compatibility
  • Air displacement pipetting using Hamilton tips with CO-RE (Compressed O-Ring Expansion) technology provides superior measurement accuracy
  • Industry-leading average recovery yield of >70%
  • >97% reproducibility

The automated tracking of the process produces both electropherograms of the input sample and artificial traces of the output profile. Ranger® Technology then saves all captured images for review by the user.

Click here to learn more about applications that are already benefiting from using Ranger Technology®. Visit our resources page to learn more about the performance and capabilities of the NIMBUS Select system.