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FEN005 - Illumina Nextera® XT library preps yield more data with Ranger® Technology.

Nextera® XT library preparation is a fast and efficient method of library preparation for the Illumina sequencing platform. Through the use of special enzymes, DNA samples can be fragmented and attached to sequencing adapters in a single operation. However, the degree to which the sample is fragmented can be difficult to control for. Variations in the ratio of enzyme to input DNA can lead to over fragmentation. Resultantly, data yields can suffer as the sequenced inserts are shorter than the read length potential of the sequencing platform. Furthermore, highly variable insert sizes submitted for sequencing can complicate bioinformatics assembly of the reads, especially for de novo applications.

The Joint Genome Institute (U.S. Department of Energy) conducts numerous Nextera XT library preparations for the investigation of microbial samples. With the aim of improving consistency from library to library, a test was conducted in which Coastal Genomics’ Ranger® Technology was used to isolate the 500bp region of numerous Nextera XT preps. Ranger Technology leverages the NIMBUS Select workstation (Hamilton Robotics) to automate gel electrophoresis for preparative (size selection) as well as quality control (analytics) purposes.