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Save money spent on capex equipment with this three-in-one instrument for sample preparation.

Powered by Ranger® Technology, the LightBench® allows you to automate the process of electrophoresis, supporting optimisation of your research NGS workflows by enabling you to sequence more of the DNA you really care in record time. The core size selection LightBench® functionality is complemented by the ability to perform fragment length analysis and fluorescence assays for full NGS quality control assessment, saving you money and footprint on capex equipment.

  • Industry-leading average recovery yield of >70%
  • Standard run time of between 30 - 60 minutes, with the optimised 45 minute protocol imaging the gel lane every 90 seconds to give 30 visualisations
  • 30mm gel results in a distinctive sharp cut-off in size selection for a more precise result
  • >97% reproducibility

Ranger<sup>®</sup> Technology effectively recovers short, fetal-enriched fragments from maternal cell free DNA


Comparison of fetal fraction between samples size selected with Ranger<sup>®</sup> Technology

+ - LightBench® for NIPT

Ranger® Technology enables research and clinical laboratories to optimise the purity of the DNA they are inputting to their NGS workflows. By utilising highly precise, automated and scalable DNA size selection methods, we can get you to the DNA you care about. Higher performance is achieved with lower costs, for a multitude of downstream applications.

The LightBench® automates a DNA size selection process for up to 12 samples at a time. The platform integrates with robotic platforms or can be used by research labs. Yourgene’s LightBench® with Ranger® Technology allows you to automate the process of fetal DNA enrichment through size selection of cell-free DNA (cfDNA) in a way that secures a recovery yield averaging over 70%. Consumables for fragment length analysis and solution-based fluorescence assays also enable the LightBench® to act as a quality control system.

Enriching the fetal fraction through size selection of fragment lengths presents clinicians with the possibility of reducing the cost of the test and reducing the number of no-call tests. Providing better outcomes for both clinicians and patients.

Gel size selection, though tedious, results in improved value for numerous DNA sequencing and cloning processes, including NIPT. An issue with traditional methods of gel electrophoresis lies in its reproducibility and scalability.

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+ - LightBench® for Liquid Biopsy

Studies show there is a specific size discrepancy between the cell free DNA that comes off of a tumour versus the cell free DNA that comes off of healthy cells. Using Ranger® Technology gel-size selection, the LightBench® may be used to enhance cfDNA detection. LightBench® using Ranger® Technology can provide a better outcome for patients by reducing sequencing noise to combat false-positive results. New research has shown that the cost of determining genetic conditions through sequencing can be improved through gel size selection that looks to recover cfDNA from non-normal tissues while excluding that from healthy, normal cells.1

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T1. PLOS Genetics | DOI:10.1371/journal.pgen.1006162 July 18, 2016
LightBench<sup>®</sup>️ with Ranger<sup>®</sup>️ Technology
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