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Adam Reynolds


Adam began his career in the City in 1980 with stockbrokers Rowe Rudd he then joined Public Relations business Basham & Coyle heading their Investor Relations Division. In 2000 he established his own PR/ IR and Corporate Finance firm, which listed on AIM in November 2000. In 2004 the company was sold making shareholders 15X their investment.

Adam was approached in 2005 by the largest shareholder in International Brand Licensing Plc, the owner of the Admiral sports brand, to become Executive Chairman. Adam alongside the major shareholder re-financed the business. In 2009 Adam brought into the company David Evans and Julian Baines - the two leading diabetes specialists in the UK and the business changed direction. Today it is known as EKF Diagnostics Plc. Adam is a non-executive director and a substantial shareholder.

In 2009, Adam rescued and re-financed Medavinci Plc and turned it into a successful gold exploration company quoted on AIM. Adam is Chairman and a major shareholder. In 2012 Adam through an institutional fund manager was introduced to Autoclenz Plc. In November 2012, Adam, with the management launched a successful agreed bid for the business to take private. 

Adam has been named as one of the fifty most influential people in the City by Growth Company Investor.