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Through high throughput techniques, NGS technology is able to thoroughly screen and record human gene sequences, supporting the performing of clinical researches and medical diagnoses. Preventive genetic testing can be employed to analyze the risks and risk degrees of the hereditary disease-associated genes for general examinees. Furthermore, diagnosed patients can be tested to provide physicians with background information for the planning of target therapy strategies or the assessing and monitoring of disease recurrences. For the clinical applications mentioned above, professional clinical knowledge of the physician is essential for the successful carrying out of health risk management and promote treatment effectiveness for the patient.

Clinic and a Ministry of Education-appointed professor, graduated from Kaohsiung Medical University and holds a PhD degree in molecular biology from Mayo Graduate School. Professor Tzen is a U.S. pathologist, and had been an assistant professor in the University Of Tennessee College Of Medicine. Upon returning to Taiwan, he also served as the director of the Department of Pathology in Mackay Memorial Hospital and the chairman of the Department of Pathology & Laboratory Medicine in Cathay General Hospital. For several years, he was immersed in medical technology researches and clinical services; he was able to convert abstruse biomedical technology into simple information, which was further applied in clinical services. 

After the establishment of Forlab Clinic, a precision medicine consultation outpatient department was set up, providing professional consultation service in the field of genetic testing. Professor Tzen believed strongly that apart from medical treatments, precision medicine could also be used as preventive measures and that relevant consultations should be provided for patients when genetic testing is applied in clinical services to avoid the abuse of the testing results or unnecessary anxiety of the patient. Therefore, with NGS genetic testing tools, combined with professional clinical consultations, Professor Tzen gave the examinees fitting treatment advice and his opinions on clinical treatments, applying NGS techniques clinically to the fullest extent. 

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